Save Time with a faster computer

Our expectations of ‘speed’ have a reach a point where we are frustrated when our computer takes a few seconds to perform a task. Yet, many of us spend much of the day on a poorly running computer. This article recommends a few areas to look at to speed up your computer. Faster computer time

1. Ensure your computer is secure

It is critical that you use security protection software. The presence of viruses on your computer can create negative side-effects, waste time, and reduce the operational speed of your machine.

2. Housekeeping - Tidy up

Remove unneeded programs, and clean up your ‘registry’. By de-cluttering your computer it will run faster, and have fewer problems.

3. Regularly backups

Making a regular backup will not make your computer run faster, but might save you a lot of time. Who knows how long it will take to re-create lost files after one of the following occurs - your hard disk dies, your PC is stolen, your files are corrupted by a virus, or you accidently delete an important file or directory. To avoid the potential time loss consider using a regular backup service.

4. Improve your hardware

Clearly faster hardware will save you time. A technical expert should be able to help here by recommending more memory (to increase application running speed), a new video card (to increase screen display speed), increased disk storage capacity, or a new CPU for your computer (to speed up the whole machine).

5. Choose your software carefully

Before buying or upgrading software ensure sure your computer has the capacity to effectively run it. Often, upgrading or buying new software will grind to a halt on your ‘old’ computer. In such cases you may be better off running a quick computer with less ‘sophisticated’ software.

6. High speed internet connection

If you use your computer to regularly browse the internet then ensure you have a high speed internet connection. A ‘fast’ computer will browse quickly if you have a slow internet connection. Don’t waste time waiting for pages to load and files to download.

7. Make use of technical experts

You can read the manuals and use trial and error (if that is what you want to do), or you can get an expert to resolve the problem quickly. There are numerous technical support services that can look at speeding up your computer. Many can now log onto your computer remotely to look at your problem without a site visit. They can help with all of the above steps and recommend a whole lot of other methods.
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This is a great thing to speed up your PC, but basically I don't think, that some of this how to's steps are really needed.
For example, high speed internet connection will influence only on Internet surfing speed, backing up your system won't give any boost to your system speed. That will only increase a safety of your PC usage.
But still there are few essential tips in this article, which are very valuable for reader. I recommend doing them together with using of best pc cleaner. I believe, that this will be the best possible way of speeding up your pc.