The Pomodoro Technique

As a lot of people during the COVID-19 lockdown, I'm now working from home with my wife and three kids. Normally I don't need anyone but myself to distract me but now I often have someone needing my attention every few minutes. I can still get things done but there are things that need extra focus that never seem to get done. During times like this the Pomodoro technique comes to the rescue.

Save Time By Outsourcing Writing

At CraveTime we occasionally outsource article writing to save time. Typically, this involves brainstorming ideas for articles, producing a writer’s brief, and then outsourcing the work. Writers can be sourced from a number of locations on the internet such as ODesk and E-lance. Does it work? Read on, for the rest of this article has been outsourced. Save Time Writing Articles

7 Tips to save time when you travel for business

With customers, suppliers and staff scattered across the country or planet, business travel is an unavoidable use of time. There is of course the travel time component, standing in queues, waiting in airports, hopping from taxi to taxi, checking in and out of hotels, finding new places to eat, and of course the opportunity cost of not working on other tasks. business travel time