Top 10 Ways to Save Time using the Internet

Clearly the internet has introduced many ways to save time. In this article we seek to build a top 10 internet uses that save time. (This list be refined over time, and is not in any order).

Internet Time

1. Shopping

On-line shipping enables a quick and easy way to find, research, compare and purchases from a widest range of products and services in history. Refer to our Save Time Shopping article for more information.

2. Learning

The internet provides an incredible opportunity to quickly learn and research from an 'unlimited' number of resources. The internet saves time by enabling fast and 24/7 access to on-line courses, libraries, books, book summaries and countless articles.

3. On-line banking and Bill payment

In the past we use to queue in front of tellers, then queue in front of ATM’s. Now we can save time by performing numerous banking functions online without leaving home. Gone are the days when each bill payment required the manually completion of a form or cheque, and a trip to the postal box. With the internet virtually any payment be made anytime online in under a minute.

4. Problem solving

Finding solutions to problems has never been easier and quicker through the use of internet-based crowd sourcing. If you have a problem you can search the web for a solution, and if you can’t find a solution you can always ask a web community for help.

5. Outsourcing

Outsourcing offers huge potential for saving time, and the internet facilitates this in a number of ways. Outsourcing can be used for both work and home life.

6. Email

Perhaps the biggest use of the internet is email. Email accelerates information transfer and can enhance communication. Used correctly, email can save lots of time.

7. Reduced Travel Time

The internet facilitates collaboration and virtual teams which enables people to work together while being geographically dispersed. Through on-line meetings and remote access staff can work outside the office and save time on travel.

8. Reduced IT overhead

The internet has made cloud computing possible. Cloud computing includes software as a service (e.g - google apps, gmail), and hardware as a service (e.g- off-site data storage). Essentially, it enables IT resources to be moved out of the home or office, and onto internet (or cloud). This reduces the time needed to install, maintain and update software and hardware.

9. Access to daily information services

Time is saved by checking daily information services such as the news, stockmarket, and transport timetables. Getting your news via the internet allows you to focus just on the items you are interested in.


Well we are not there yet, but we are working on it. At CraveTime we are hoping to build the ‘place to go’ website for saving time.
The above list is of course debatable. For example, do social media websites save time or waste time? Please let us know what you think are the best time saving uses of the web.

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