Why Busy People Need Exercise Time

If you think you don’t have enough time to exercise, then all the more reason you should make the time. Investing time into fitness should be a priority for the busy person.
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Good reasons why time-poor people need exercise time include:
<H3>1. Exercise time gives energy and increases productivity</H3>

Spending time exercising helps increase your energy and strength levels. Exercise by improving the efficiency of your heart and breathing results in more energy, and this energy boost enables you to be more productive in other areas of your life.

<H3>2. Exercise time relieves stress</H3>

Being busy and time poor can lead to enhanced stress. Excess stress can lead to all sorts of negative effects on your well-being. For example – tiredness, lack of concentration, poor decisions, bad eating habits, sleep difficulty, headaches and poor work performance. The good news is that researchers have shown that exercise can aid the way you deal with stress. Stress builds and accumulates pressures in your body. On the other hand, exercise helps release these pressures.

<H3>3. Exercise time improves your sleep which in turn helps you function better.</H3>

A good night’s sleep helps with alertness, concentration and the capacity to get along with people. According to Dr David C. Nieman studies have shown that <i>“exercise training led to improved sleep quality, longer sleep, and a shorter time to fall asleep”</i>.

(Warning: make sure you don’t exercise too close to sleep time or it may have the opposite effect on your sleep).

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<H3>4. Exercise time reduces downtime from sickness.</H3>

Regular exercise improves general health and reduces sick days. Personally, I find the most frustrating thing about being sick or injured is what you miss out on. It is when you lose your health that you appreciate it the most. Exercise helps reduce your personal down-time.

<H3>5. Exercise time increases mental fitness.</H3>

The ancient Greeks believed ‘healthy body healthy mind’. Physical fitness sustains mental fitness and a healthy body can help with concentration levels and mental fitness.

<H3>6. `Exercise time increases life expectancy</H3>

Exercise is an important factor in adding time to your life. For example, research by Dr Paffenbarger (and associates) <i>“revealed that regular physical activity was associated with an average increase in life expectancy of 1 to 2 years by the age of 80”</i>. Numerous other studies support these findings. Also see our article on <a href="http://www.cravetime.com/save-time/wellbeing/find-time-living-longer-it-... title="">"Find Time by Living Longer"</a>.

In concluding, investing time in exercise can leads to both more time and better use of time.

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Definitely agree with the first point because exercise does give you more energy and increases productivity. It reduces my need for a sugar hit at three in the afternoon.