Do More than you Can

Can you do more than you can? This may seem like a contradiction but you can certainly do more than you think - maybe even more you think is humanly possible. A couple of years back I began training for an event where I would cycle 1000km in a week - from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean road. I remember thinking that this was a challenge so difficult that surely it stood at the borders of human endurance. After completing the event I realised how ridiculous my thinking was. Thousands of people have done this before and much more and I would say that most people could do it with the right training.

You can do more! This is the first in a series of how you can do more than you can but it begins with an important question - why do more - why not do less? It is possible to do more by doing less.

<li><a href="/save-time/concepts/do-more-doing-less">Do more by doing less</a></li>
<li>Do more than you can by increasing your capacity</li>
<li><a href="/save-time/concepts/do-more-than-aim-perfection">Do more than you can by choosing when you aim for perfection</a></li>
<li>Do more than you can by finding more time</li>
<li>Do more than you can by sharing the vision with others</li>

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