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There is so much to learn and yet so little time.
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Ways you can save time learning time include:<BR>
<h3> 1. Save time learning by using your most effective <i>learning method</i></h3>
You are going to waste a lot of time if you are trying to learn from a teaching method that you are not suited to. The main learning methods are – auditory (learn by listening), kinesthetic (learn from experience or doing things) and visual (learn by seeing). Which method do you learn best from?

<h3>2. Save time learning by using your <i>optimal learning time</i></h3>
What time of day do you do your best learning? Most people do their best learning at different times of the day (e.g. – some people clearly learn better in the morning, while others struggle to absorb anything till the afternoon) .

<h3>3. Save time by only learning (or remembering) <i>what you need to</i></h3>
Einstein once said <i>“Never memorize what you can look up in books”</i>.<br>
With this in mind, you should question what you need to learn. Some things to consider:
<li>Do I really need to learn this? Is it a good use of my time? For example, I can learn how to fix a leaking pipe , but would I be better off just calling the plumber.
<li>Am I trying to master an area that I am just not suited to? Or am I trying to master too many things? Perhaps I should focus on an area which I can excel at.
<li>Is it sufficient that I just understand the concept, rather than understanding every detail?

<h3>4. Save time learning getting more from your <i>reading time</i></h3>
Two good methods are:
<li>Subscribing to a quality book summary service to get more from your reading time.
<li>Learning to speed read. If you can half your reading time, you can reduce your learning time. Speed readers can typically read two to four times faster than the average reader.

<h3>5. Save time by developing <i>useful contacts</i> </h3>
A few key points:
<li><i>“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” Chinese Proverb </i>
<li>Competing with ‘betters’ accelerates your learning. For example, if you want to learn how to improve your tennis game take on a better tennis player. Likewise for chess, etc.
<li>A good mentor can reduce your learning time, by allowing you to learn from their mistakes and knowledge.

<h3>6. Save time learning by <i>teaching someone</i> </h3>
A great way to improve your understanding is to teach someone what you are learning. Teaching helps clarify what you do and don’t understanding, and can accelerate your learning.

<h3>7. Save time learning by using <i>effective study techniques</i> </h3> (Coming soon at

<h3>8. Save time learning by using <i>e-learning</i></h3> (Coming soon at
The key time saving from e-learning comes from flexible learning times and no time lost from travel.

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<h3>9. Save time learning by getting the right information (and paying for it when necessary)</h3>
<i>"We are inundated with information today, but starved for knowledge, wisdom and solutions" (R.W Bly)</i><br>
There is so much free information on the Internet. There are however times when it pays to purchase the right report, speak to the right expert or subscribe to exactly the information you need. Paying for quality information can accelerate your learning time. A good book, report, consultant, or tutor could save weeks and in some cases months of learning time.

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<h3>10. Save learning time by being <i>humble</i></h3>
Ego can block or slow down our learning time. We can accelerate our learning if we humble ourselves and ask for help. Don’t be afraid to admit you do not understand, or accept you could be (or are) wrong. Humility complemented by good questions and listening can save a lot of learning time.

<h3>11. Bonus idea - Save time learning by taking on <i>big challenges</i> (or ‘jump in the deep end’)</h3>
If you want to grow quickly take on a big challenge which forces you to learn quickly. David Jeyachandran (co-founder of CraveTime) once enrolled in a triathlon and then decided to learn how to swim. By making the commitment he was forced to learn quickly (… and yes he did). <br>
<i>“Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.” (Horace) </i>
We are always looking to refine and improve our articles. Please help by providing better ways to save time leaning.

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