About Crave Time

About the Crave Time website

About Crave Time

We crave time because we do not have enough of it.


The purpose of this website is to help you find time to do what matters to you. CraveTime core principles are based on the value of our limited time. Hence the need to – (i) appreciate our time (past and present); (ii) be good stewards of our time; and (iii) respect the time of others.

Crave Time

There are three main parts to this website:

  1. Save Time – This section provides ideas to help you save time. This may involve adopting a technique, making use of a time saving service or product, changing your thinking, or simply making a decision that will give you more time.

  2. Got Time – Have you got time to do what matters to you? This section seeks to build a list of ‘what matters’ to our CraveTime community and how much time and/or resource is required to participate.

  3. About Time - This section seeks to encourage - an appreciation of time, a greater understanding of time, and knowledge of where time goes.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. It is our hope that it will be time well spent and that through CraveTime you will find time to do what matters to you. We started the website in January 2010. Our plan is to build time-saving content rapidly, so please keep returning.

In good time, Steve Oades and David Jeyachandran