Top 9 Time-Saving Tools in the Kitchen

Cooking meals at home are healthier and cost less than eating at restaurants or getting takeout, but can you actually save time by cooking at home? Here are our top 9 tools that will save you time in the kitchen.

4 indicators that you may be wasting your time with New Year’s Resolutions

Have you stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions? Dr. John Norcross studied 200 people who made New Year’s Resolutions and according to his research there are several indicators to the likelihood that you will achieve your goals. Use this information to achieve your resolution and ensure that you don’t waste your time with resolutions that are unlikely to work.

Could a new habit make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality?

Most people do not fulfill their New Year resolutions. Here is a different approach to New Year resolutions that focuses on habits. The habits we form dictate the way we spend most of our time. New Year Resolutions time

Making the most of Holiday Time

Holiday time seems all too short. We all love vacation time, but are we making the most of them? This article looks at how to maximize your holiday time. Holiday time

Is buying a house a waste of time?

Is it better to buy and live in a house or an apartment/unit? How much money will I need to borrow? Perhaps a more important question is – how much time will this house cost me? This article compares the time implications of buying a house verses a cheaper apartment (unit). Lawn mowing time

Managing ego-depletion to save time (self-control)

How much self-control do you have? When is your self-control strongest and when is it weakest? Having self-control is clearly a good thing, but learning to make the most of it is even better. ‘Ego-depletion’ sees self-control or willpower as a limited resource that is depleted after exertion. Understanding this concept can help you make better use of your self-control and save time. Manage Ego Depletion to Save Time

Why we Crave Time?

What sort of week have you just had? There is a good chance that you have had a busy week. I suspect that you also wonder where the year has gone, and you probably crave more time. Why we Crave Time

Is Perfection a waste of Time?

Dart hits the Bulls Eye
If you aim for perfection in everything you do, you will get nothing done. It's a recipe for a wasted life. If you aim for perfection in one thing you are far more likely to achieve excellence in this area. What's more, you'll do more in other areas too. Working out what is important, what really matters, is the key. This is part of a series titled "Do more than you can". Make sure that you've read the article on doing more by doing less.

It's never too late. (Enough time)

Is there still time
An important lesson from history is that many people are late-achievers and produced their best works in the second-half of life. While no one knows when their time is up, there is still time to have a go. Thinking ‘there is not enough time’ has spoilt many dreams. It's never too late.

Save Time keeping up with the News

Are you wasting your leisure time keeping up with the daily news? Much of the news is:
  • Irrelevant or not of interest to you.
  • Speculation or opinions rather than fact.
  • Repetitive or rehashed stories.
  • Poorly or inaccurately reported.
  • Useless gossip about celebrities.
This article looks at changing news consumption patterns and how we can save time obtaining the news. save time consuming news


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